Our team - Tō matou tīma

We have a team that covers the Mātonga and Māraki areas of Te Taiuru (Taranaki/Whanganui/Manawatū Region). The teams are spread out over the three regions to provide localised reo and also in-person lessons as an option during the programme.  

Ati Māraki - Is our Northern Cohort

This covers from the Northern Taranaki tribal areas to Patea.

Ati Mātonga - Is our Southern Cohort

This covers from Patea to Whanganui and Manawatū areas.


TAIOPE - The Taiope (To gather together as one) are the team leaders of our teaching team that will prepare the curriculum and learning experiences for the akonga

TAITŪARA - The Taitūara (Standing as support) are the team of teachers that will deliver the Ataarangi learning workshops throughout the course.


We also have an awesome team in the background that organise noho, kura pō and rauemi (resources) for the students who attend Ata Rawea.